Search Engine Optimization: All you need to know

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and it is the methods, strategies and techniques that you apply to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website.

You achieve this by getting a high-ranking placement in the search result page of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

It is estimated that WordPress users alone publish two million posts every day and this makes it tough to stand out, but you have to find a way if you want your blog or website to become successful.

Imagine writing an article or an Ad about something as common as pizza and you want the search engine, which is Google in 90% of all cases, to show it as a top result to anyone who searches for anything related to pizza. SEO is all you need to apply to your article in order to achieve this.

There are Two Sides to SEO

The SEO has two sides to its force and it is imperative that you choose one so you do not end up working aimlessly.

Black Hat SEO Technique

If you are working on optimizing your blog/website just to make quick cash without any consideration for your human searchers, then you are going to apply the black hat SEO.

This type of SEO involves bending and breaking the rules in order to get a high rank for your website. You can practice this type of SEO by optimizing your content just for the sake of search engines and not trying to put the human readers into consideration.

This approach will guarantee fast money, but will certainly lead to a ban on the crappy pages. It will also lead to severe consequences for you as a marketer and ruin your chances of consolidating an online business in the future.

White Hat SEO Technique

The right way to consolidate an online business is through white hat SEO. This approach helps you to focus on your human audience and their needs. In this approach, you will endeavour to make human-friendly content that will also be easily accessible to them on different platforms. Search engine rules are also adhered to.

How to do SEO

SEO deals with technical and creative activities that are usually split into ‘Onsite SEO’ and ‘Offsite SEO’. This terminology goes way back, but it is imperative, as it splits and shows tasks that can be performed on a website and away from a website. These activities are complicated and often require expertise from multiple individuals or hiring a professional SEO agency or consultant.

Onsite SEO

This entails the activities on a website for the improvement of organic visibility. Some of such activities include.

  • Keyword Research: this involves analyzing words and frequency to help prospective customers.
  • Technical Auditing: this is about making sure that the website is error-free and can be crawled and indexed.
  • Onsite Optimization: this is meant for website structural improvement and content relevancy to help target relevant search phrases.
  • User Experience: ensuring that content displays expertise, authority and trust.

Offsite SEO

This is about the activities that are done outside of a website to improve organic visibility. It is popularly known as ‘link building’ as it aims to increase and improve the number of trusted links from other websites which are used to score a vote of trust by search engines. Such activities include

  • Content: reputable websites link to perfect content. Therefore, creating amazing content does magic.
  • Digital PR: internal newsflow, quotes or external publications can serve as PR which provides reasons for linking with other websites.

Amidst the internet noise and information overload, effective SEO is the way to make a difference. Having learnt the rudiments of SEO, you are better equipped to make the right SEO decisions and do not forget that you are likely going to need the services of experts to help you achieve maximum benefits from SEO.

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